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For thousands of years Massage has been used by most cultures all around the world.  Whether to relieve the pain of extremely tense or overworked muscles, to relieve stress or anxiety, or simply as a relaxing pampering treatment, the overall action of massage is to soften muscles and connective tissue, easing out tension in the body and thus aiding relaxation and reducing stress.


How does it work?

Massage acts to increase blood-flow to the massaged areas, this helps the body’s own healing actions, as well as generally aiding the circulatory system.  In this way massage can help speed up the healing process in muscular injuries.

Massage can help address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness.

Massage may be accompanied by aromatherapy - and reflexology, to provide a more immersive sensory experience and thus further aid relaxation.  .

An holistic approach

Holistic Massage treats the client as a whole; Time for a proper consultation allows the client to feel safe and relaxed in discussing their reason for seeking treatment and ensures that each treatment is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual on that day.


My training

I completed my training I Holistic Massage with The Massage Training Institute in 2010. This is the highest level of training available in the UK, and involves a deep level of practice as well as a high standard of ethics. For further information about me training please see 'About me' in 'More'.

This Complementary Health Care Service is for Women
& LGTBQ inclusive

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Further Reading:

For more information on the high standards of training and ethos of MTI please follow the links below:


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