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What to expect during your treatment.

It's about you!

You may simply be seeking a relaxing treatment to ease everyday stresses and strains, or perhaps you are looking for support through a time of stress, upheaval or change.  However you feel at the time, your treatment, or series of treatments will be tailored to support you in your journey in health and well-being.


During the consultation you have the time and space to talk about your reasons for seeking treatment and discuss any issues affecting your well-being, health, work, relationships etc. 


You will have the opportunity to ask questions and choose between aromatherapy,  massage, head massage, reflexology  - or a combination of all of them! We will discuss what you need to be comfortable along with choice of music, depth of pressure creating an experience designed to meet to your individual needs. 

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Consultations last 15-20 mins and are free of charge. Consultations in subsequent sessions will include feedback from your last treatment and your needs for that particular session.  It is therefore a good idea to add 30 minutes to the total length of time you have booked, to allow for consultation and time for getting changed etc. This extra time is not charged.

Contact me


Please contact me in advance to discuss any concerns you have regarding any aspects of your treatment.  You can contact me by phone, text or email, or simply discuss your concerns during your consultation.




If you are receiving a reflexology treatment, you will be asked to remove your footwear and sock/ tights, and made comfortable on the reclining chair- or another bench or chair- depending on your mobility and needs. Prior to your reflexology treatment, your feet will be wrapped in hot damp towels - a deeply relaxing and pampering experience!



If you are having a massage, I will leave the room to allow you to disrobe and get comfortable. If you have any anxieties regarding  removing clothing, please contact me. It is possible to conduct massage through clothing , seated, and for a shorter session than usual if needed. It is my priority that you are comfortable and at ease.


If you have decided to include aromatherapy as part of your treatment, a unique blend will be created in collaboration with you during your consultation.


Scope of your treatment


As your therapist, I will not make any form of diagnosis, however my training does equip me to recommend you see your doctor if you present with certain symptoms, and there are certain circumstances in which I will not treat you until medical advice has been sought.  This is usually following a serious accident or illness, or if I feel your symptoms might suggest a visit to the doctor.  It is advisable to discuss any health concerns and special requirements you may have when you make your treatment booking.



My treatment couch is fully height adjustable to accommodate people with limited flexibility. It is possible to give massage in a massage chair,  a normal chair, or in a supported side-lying position. Because my treatment room is up a flight of stairs, I cannot offer wheelchair accessibility, therefore I may be able to offer a home visit at no extra charge.


Please contact me so that I may address any


access requirements prior to your treatment.

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