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Mindfulness has become very popular recently- partly because there is a large body of evidence for how it can help with symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, stress, and other mental health issues - and can help prevent relapse. Here are links to some articles on the subject - a quick google will show you many more!

I am qualified to teach Mindfulness both to groups and to individuals - including the Mindfulness Now approach which is approved by the British Psychological Society.
Mindfulness Now is a blend of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based CBT, and. because it is taught in-person and one-to-one is extremely adaptable to individual needs. Because I'm also a qualified counsellor, it can also be designed to include a gentle and reflective form of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and / or Counseling. Whilst it can include CBT-based approaches, exercises and discussions, it is far less intense than Pure CBT, and offers plenty of time and space for reflection, whilst providing relaxation and grounding techniques that you practice at home – and wherever you feel the need. If CBT is not your thing, we don't need to focus on that aspect. I offer Mindfulness Now as a gentle space for self-reflection and awareness within a supportive environment, whilst learning Mindfulness techniques for every day life. 

Mindfulness Now is given in 8 weekly or fortnightly 1.5 hr sessions, although the duration can be extended or condensed according to individual needs. You can book each session as you go or book the whole course in one go. You can also just book a one- off mindfulness session if you prefer.

What is it like?

You may have come across mindfulness at school or work- or in apps. However a group environment is sometimes unhelpful - particularly if in a setting you find stressful- like school or work - or if you have social anxiety, agoraphobia or other concerns. In a group, you are unlikely to be able to explore at length or in-depth, or discuss more personal things that may come up. Similarly, apps are impersonal and keep us attached to our phone - which is often a source of stress. One-to-one mindfulness sessions offer a very different kind of more authentic and personalised experience. I am very flexible as a therapist, so each session can be at your pace and in a calm, gentle, human environment.


Each session you will experience and a different meditation - starting with simple, easy relaxing techniques, we will progress to different exercises and meditations that will help you manage your thoughts, feelings and anxious responses. Exercises and meditations include brief grounding techniques you can use at any time of the day in any circumstances, guided relaxation, staying grounded despite what is happening in your life, learning to be more present in the moment rather than worrying about past or future events, learning self acceptance and self- compassion, noticing difficult thoughts and feelings without getting upset or anxious  ... noticing the positives as well as the negatives ... amongst many more. Each session allows time for reflection and discussion - unlike a group setting, these can be more in-depth and personal to your individual circumstances, unlike an app, you are in the room with a qualified, experienced teacher and therapist who can hold a therapeutic space in which you can learn, safely explore, and grow. This course is a very gentle journey - but that doesn't mean that it can't lead to deep realisation and transformation! 

Each week you are provided with recorded guided meditations to listen to and use to support your home practice. You may find these particularly useful and soothing to listen to if you have been going through a period of chronic stress, panic, or anxiety. A few of them you may also find particularly help you to fall asleep if that is an issue for you. This course involves the suggestion that you give yourself a certain level of commitment to practicing mindfulness meditations, exercises - and ways of being - on a daily basis; whilst this isn't absolutely compulsory, the evidence shows that the more you do this, the more you're likely to get out of it. When the course finishes, you will always have these skills - and the recordings - to refer back to and use at any time in your life.

Crisis Sessions

I understand that circumstances- whether built-up or sudden - can provoke strong physical and psychological responses leading to sudden anxiety and overwhelm. This can be frightening and destabilizing. This is why I offer 1.5/2 hr ‘crisis’ sessions - starting with a longer consultation in which you can express your current experiences and in which together we can decide on the best approach for your session- which may include some guided mindfulness together with aromatherapy, reflexology, massage - according to your needs and preferences on the day. These sessions aim to understand and dull the fight or flight response, reactivate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to soothe, calm and ground. The aim is also to give you tools to use at home - including a recording of any guided mindfulness exercises used during the session, which can be listened to whenever you choose. This can help daily relaxation practice, and also potentially used at night if sleep is an issue. Because sometimes it can really help to simply remember how it feels to be relaxed.

These sessions can either be one-offs or a series – depending on your needs.

A kind note: Crisis sessions are intended for people experiencing an emotional shock/crisis/anxiety spike/overwhelm. these are not full, or in-depth counselling sessions and are not intended as an alternative where emergency medical or mental health intervention or support is needed.

Mindfulness-based CBT for menopause

In the past few years there has been growing  research showing that Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI), and mindfulness based CBT (MBCT) can significantly improve menopausal symptoms including night sweats, anxiety and depression, and improved overall quality of life. This is particularly beneficial for women who are using HRT but still getting symptoms, and for those who are not using HRT- either by choice or for health reasons. 

You can read more about the research here:  and here:

Because reflexology has also been shown to be significantly beneficial in reducing menopausal symptoms, I also offer  combined reflexology and MBCT sessions. Visit my reflexology page to read more about the benefits of reflexology - and links to the latest research.

Mindfulness-based CBT for fertility support

Mindfulness combined with CBT (Cognitivie Behaviour Therapy) courses - called MBCT for short- have been found effective in improving pregnancy rates by up to 55%. These sessions support both your physical and mental health, teaching you progressive relaxation and mindfulness exercises with recordings to use daily at home- together with some CBT elements to help you address unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that may be effecting your mood.

This is also a totally confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space for you to speak freely and explore your feelings. You can read more about the research here:

Because reflexology is known to help relax and ground, and many women have regular reflexology when trying to conceive,  I also offer treatments that include a combination of reflexology with mindfulness-based CBT.

Prices for Counselling, Mindfulness, Combined Sessions 

Counselling 1 hr £50 

A counseling session may include elements of CBT and/or Humanistic Counselling and/or mindfulness - according to your individual needs. More detailed information can be found on the counselling page

 Counselling & Mindfulness combined 1.5 hr £65

 A 1 hr counselling session followed by 30 mins mindfulness relaxation / grounding / meditation techniques. *More detailed information can be found further down this page and on the counselling and mindfulness pages.

Crisis Session 1.5 hrs  £65

 A one-off session or series of session for people experiencing an emotional shock/crisis/anxiety spike/overwhelm.

**More detailed information can be found further down this page and on the counselling and mindfulness pages.

Crisis Session  2 hrs  £80

A one-off session or series of sessions for people experiencing an emotional shock/crisis/anxiety spike/overwhelm.

**More detailed information can be found further down this page and on the counselling, holistics and  prices page.

Mindfulness Now Session 1.5 hrs £65  (£500 for full course if all sessions paid in advance

A mindfulness session forming part of the 8 - week course **More detailed information can be found on the prices page.

Mindfulness Session 1.5 hrs £65

An individual Mindfulness Session according to your needs and requirements. **More detailed information can be found further down this page and on the mindfulness and counselling pages.

1.5 hr Mindfulness plus Reflexology session (with Aromatherapy)  £65

 A 30 min mindfulness session followed by an hour reflexology treatment.

****More detailed information can be found further down this page and on the reflexology and mindfulness pages.

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